The Japanese invented a new type of space fire extinguisher (5 photos)

A new fire extinguisher has been developed at Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan), designed for closed environments like submarines, space ships or tunnels.

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Experts have taken into account that spraying in a closedspace of active substances that extinguish the fire, is also harmful to life and health. Therefore, it is better to remove the fire from such premises, for example, pumping it out with a vacuum chamber. This problem is especially relevant on the ISS. Here, crew members must first wear oxygen masks, and only then put out the fire. They simply can not ventilate the compartments and therefore risk to suffocate from the reagents. Under zero gravity conditions, even simple water that moves freely around the station is a significant threat. In the coming years, people want to get to the moon, Mars and beyond. Improving the efficiency of fire extinguishing systems is especially important.

New “vacuum fire extinguishing technique” -technology based on the use of a camera with a controlled atmosphere. We can talk about rarefied air, vacuum, or a medium with certain impurities. In any case, the device promptly pumps the fire into its internal chamber. There, the flame is either in contact with active reagents, or simply extinguishes in the absence of oxygen.

The test design evacuates air tospeeds of 9 liters per minute, and it eliminates a point of fire in less than a second. The technology has not yet been tested in any space agency. But the developers are not discouraged, it can be used in other places that do not allow sprinkling a special powder or spraying gases. For example, it will be relevant in boxes with sensitive biological objects or in sterile operating rooms.