The Japanese introduced the concept of an inflatable electric bike (2 photos + video)

Urban vehicles are becomingmore compact and easy to use. Engineers are working to create more user-friendly custom vehicle designs. The conceptual prototype of one of such devices was presented by developers from Japan at the ACM CHI conference, dedicated to the study of the problem of human interaction with technical devices.

The prototype of the new electric bike is calledPoimo (Portable and Inflatable Mobility). This is a device with an inflatable casing, which should be placed in a non-working condition in a standard backpack. Meanwhile, a compact electric bike is able to withstand the mass of an adult.

Poimo inflatable casing made ofthermoplastic polyurethane. The brushless motor and battery are housed in a basic design located at the base of the motorcycle. Currently, an external compressor is used to inflate the casing, however, the developers declare their intention to integrate their own pump into the design.

The weight of the bike when folded is only 5.5 kg,while the inflatable body has a mass of 2.3 kg In the future, developers declare their intention to reduce the weight of the device. The backpack for transportation contains an engine, compressor, steering wheel and removable wheels of small diameter. Putting Poimo into operation requires no more than one minute. Currently, engineers are working on improving the prototype, and information on the price and release date of the product on the market will be announced later.

Source: Newatlas