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The Japanese have developed a new technology for growing plants

Japanese company Mebiol has developed a new technology for growing plants on special film hydromembranes (Imec) with a thickness of only 10 microns. For normal plant growth, onlywater and nutrients. Such a basis ceases to serve as a favorable soil for harmful bacteria, viruses and worms. Plants do not require additional care and develop faster than usual.

Hydro membranes are made of absorbentgel, which is used in modern diapers. The gel prevents moisture from escaping. A similar technology was used by NASA to grow plants in space.

Mebiol successfully cultivated tomatoes, melons and cucumbers. In the future, the company intends to strengthen the film in order to use it for growing trees.

Given population growth and ongoing shortagesfood, Imec technology allows you to more effectively engage in agriculture. This is especially true for regions with contaminated soil and lack of water.