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The Japanese have created a memory neutralizer similar to the device from the movie "Men in Black"

Scientists from Japan were able to erase the memory fromthe brain of mice. The process of transferring the information received in the brain from short-term to long-term memory is called consolidation and allows you to consolidate any information coming from the outside for a long time. In order for a person to forget any event, you just need to interrupt the consolidation process.

Scientists from Kyoto University in Japan have takenan attempt at optical influence on the brain using the technique of optogenetics. The technique was tested on mice and allowed, according to scientists, to erase memories from the brains of animals.

The optical method of influence on the brain is based ondestruction of the protein cofilin, which ensures optimal functioning of neural connections - synapses. At the first stage of testing, an adenovirus was injected into the brain of experimental mice, which acted as a kind of "courier" delivering a protein associated with a fluorescent marker.

At the next stage, opticalthe effect that initiated the release of oxygen by the protein, which deactivates cofillin. As a result, scientists were able to carry out a local effect on the brain of experimental animals at a specific time. During the experiment, the temporal lobe of the brain of mice was irradiated twice. The first time immediately after the animal learned a new task, and the second time - during sleep immediately after the completion of the learning process. As a result, the complete loss of "memories" of the studied problem by the mice was recorded.