The Internet of things in the Russian Federation will fall under police supervision

Along with the creation of the sovereign runet of the Ministry of CommunicationsThe Russian Federation is developing a concept for the development and construction of networks for IoT devices. The main task of officials is to protect the domestic Internet of things from foreign influence and to provide access to law enforcement devices. However, from a technical point of view, the introduction of the concept is not perfect.

The developed concept providesthe creation of an isolated closed network that protects the Russian segment of the Internet of Things and provides access to information to law enforcement agencies. It is envisaged that the IoT devices will be connected to the system of means of operational search activities - SORM.

Officials believe that IoT devices are vulnerable,can both collect user data and influence economic processes. For each IoT device and access point operating in Russia, a special identifier will be developed. Using IoT without an identifier will be minimized.

The problem is using IoT devices,officials insist on using domestic smart things. However, experts doubt that Russian manufacturers will be able to quickly develop devices that meet certain standards and customer requirements. Connecting to SORM will put market participants in unequal conditions and will lead to a range of prices for subscriber services and a rise in the cost of the Digital Economy project.

The final version of the concept will be developed.with the participation of the FSB in the coming days. Specialists of sectoral departments will introduce additions to sections of the concept by the end of the year. There are also concerns about the integration of the runet of things with the sovereign runet in order to create a workable infrastructure for tracking traffic.