The inhabitants of the deepest point of the earth survive thanks to metal shells

The deepest point of the Earth is the Abyss.Challenger - its depth reaches 11,000 meters, and for the entire history only three people could descend into it. It is extremely difficult for the inhabitants of its bottom, as they are under very great pressure. It is reasonable to believe that they have all sorts of defense mechanisms, and recently Japanese researchers have studied one of them. It turned out that one of the species of crustacean inhabitants is able to produce a metal shell that prevents the compression of the skeleton.

Unusual skill was found in amphipods underHirondellea gigas. It would seem that high pressure can crush their rather fragile bodies in an instant, however clever beings have learned to protect themselves with strong shells made of light metal. They have everything they need to create armor — the bottom of the cavity is rich in metals, and intestinal chemicals can trigger a reaction to create aluminum hydroxide gel.

Aluminum ions turn into gelthe state of aluminum hydroxide in alkaline seawater, and this gel covers the body to protect the amphipods, ”explained the researchers from the Japanese Agency for Marine Science and Technology.

Aluminum armor gives them amazingability to withstand the pressure generated at a depth of 11,000 meters. The researchers claim that without such protection, these fragile creatures could live at a depth of a maximum of 4,500 meters. In a laboratory experiment using sediment from a depression, it was found that armor saves not only from high pressure, but also from cold and predators.

Perhaps a new discovery will allow scientists to createdevices for immersing people to great depths. So far, the missions have been going on inside the submersibles - after all, the pressure put on people can be compared with the fact that a dozen cars are superimposed on their shoulders.

Scientists are constantly exploring the methods of survival of creatures living at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Recently it was discovered that some of them feed on oil - this can be read in our material.

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