The identification database of Russian citizens will be supplemented by telephone and email

Database for unambiguous identification of citizensRussia will be supplemented with new information, which will indicate the phone number and email. Such a norm is contained in the relevant government decree and is based on proposals previously submitted by the Ministry of Communications. This decision is associated with the need to improve the quality of interaction between government bodies, institutions and individuals aimed at obtaining identification information contained in a single information system.

Development of a biometric system designedfor identification of citizens of the Russian Federation, began in 2016. Each citizen of Russia enters into this database the face image, voice sample and identifier from the Unified Identification and Authentication System.

Since the summer of 2018, banking institutions have alsocollect biometric data for identification in order to provide services remotely. Since 2021, in addition to banking services, citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to remotely receive state services, municipal medical services, as well as services related to education.

Thus, citizens will save time onvisiting various institutions to obtain the necessary documents. The project is implemented under the general guidance of Rostelecom, and data is stored on its cloud structure. Data is protected, and access to it can only be obtained through secure communication channels.