The hyperscreen from Mercedes-Benz will replace the dashboard and multimedia complex in the car (2 photos + video)

New development of engineers Mercedes-Benzis a giant curved display panel that spans almost the entire width of the passenger compartment from the left pillar to the right, assisting the driver in driving and replacing the traditional dashboard. Also, the MBUX Hyperscreen panel, which measures about 140 cm, is equipped with artificial intelligence, constantly learning and improving in the process of communication with the driver and front passenger.

MBUX Hyperscreen panel is furtherthe development of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) concept, currently sold in 1.8 million Mercedes A-class vehicles and will be optionally available in the company's future all-electric EQS ​​sedans. The panel will integrate functions that will replace the traditional dashboard, navigation equipment, multimedia car devices and other systems.

MBUX Hyperscreen display gets OLED displayprotected by Gorilla Glass. OLED technology guarantees high brightness of the image, adjusted by a special camera and light sensor. The hardware part of the MBUX Hyperscreen complex runs on a car computer equipped with an 8-core processor with 24 GB of RAM. There are 12 actuators under the touchscreen that provide tactile feedback during operation. If you touch certain points with your finger, then in this place, they cause a tangible vibration of the surface.

According to the apt statement of Sajjad Khan, board memberand Technical Director of Mercedes-Benz AG, the MBUX Hyperscreen is “the brain and the nervous system of the car at the same time”, providing a new approach to driving and providing entertainment content while traveling.

Source: mbusa