The heat battery turned out to be a cheap and effective analogue of the current batteries (3 photos)

Climate Change Technologies, a startup from AustraliaHe said that for the first time in the world he created a working thermal battery. It should last two decades, and its energy capacity per unit volume is six times higher than that of lithium-ion batteries. The cost of new items is 60–80% lower.

A novelty called Thermal Energy Device, or TED. This is a modular energy storage capable of collecting electricity of any kind: wind, solar, fossil and directly from the network. With its help, silicon is heated and melted at a temperature of 1,400 ° C in a special insulated chamber. Energy is given off using a heat engine. The standard TED model has 1.2 megawatt hours, it can be placed in a 6-meter container.

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As the developers promise, the energy capacity inIn this case, it is 12-fold higher than that of lead-acid analogues, as well as 5-fold of lithium-ion ones. The minimum volume is 5 kilowatts. Due to the modular design of the upper limit is practically not available. Since silicon is used, the battery can be charged and discharged at the same time. Traces of natural depreciation were not observed even after 3 thousand cycles. The estimated term of operation of thermopiles is at least 20 years. Spent silicon can be recycled and reused in the batteries of the proposed type.

Development interest in the Netherlands, Sweden andOf Denmark. It will probably start producing in the current quarter. Having tested the device on a commercial basis, the company wants to quickly increase production. In the coming years, they plan to install a 10 megawatt battery here. The scope of application of the invention - the industry and in everyday life.