The Garmin GSB 15 charger can be mounted on board an aircraft

Manufacturer Garmin has demonstrated a novelty -GSB 15. This is a lightweight and compact charger that can be installed on board various types of aircraft. The gadget has two USB ports. Fast charging is supported by each: current up to 3 amperes, power reaches 18 W.

The development is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, as well as a similar body in Europe. In the coming days, it can be ordered from the official dealers of the manufacturer.

As they say in Garmin, the GSB 15 can charge 2 full-size tablets at once. Thanks to the backlight connectors, passengers and pilots can easily connect devices to it, even at night.

There are two options for GSB 15. In the first model, a connector for connecting to the onboard power supply is located on the rear panel. It is best mounted on the panel. The other connector is placed on the bottom. It will be convenient to mount it where the depth is limited: for example, at the side walls in the cabin. The adapter plate allows you to install the GSB 15 in the finished hole for the instrument.
The novelty was estimated at 349 dollars.