The game engine Unreal Engine 5 helped create a black hole simulation (video)

Epic Games did not have time to present the release versiongame engine Unreal Engine 5, how the first interesting projects began to appear on its basis. So, for example, the technical art director of the Gearbox studio (known for the Borderlands, Duke Nukem: Forever, Bulletstorm series) Ryan James Smith modeled a mathematically correct model of a black hole.

To do this, the specialist teamed up with experts from the ScienceClic YouTube channel. Together they developed a reliable simulation.

In addition to Unreal Engine 5, Smith reportedly used Niagara VFX visual effects algorithms to help him adjust some of his modeling parameters.

Unfortunately, the developer did not publish the source code of his project. Perhaps in the future he will correct this omission. Or there will be enthusiasts who will create an open source version of the model.