The future has come. In Paris, showed a flying soldier (5 photos + video)

High technologies are actively used by the improve the effectiveness of combat operations. Thus, during the celebrations dedicated to the 230th anniversary of the capture of the Bastille, the latest engineering achievements were demonstrated at the traditional parade held on the Champs Elysees.

The most spectacular was the project of the inventor.Frankie Zapata, which allows a person to rise into the air like characters from science fiction films. The capabilities of the flying board were demonstrated by the inventor himself, who flew over the Champs Elysées with a real rifle in the image of a soldier of the future without any insurance.

A device called Flyboard Air is capablelift a person weighing up to 127 kg into the air to a height of 1.5 km and reach a speed of up to 190 km / h. At the same time, the flight time does not exceed about 12 minutes. The prospect of being commanded by flying soldiers was very favorably received by the French Defense Minister, who, however, did not rule out the possibility of using the invention not only for the benefit of the army, but also for solving peaceful tasks.

In the near future, Frankie Zapata plans to fly to the Flyboard Air via La Manche. For this refueling will be held right in the air.