The foxes are not as red as we imagine them.

We live in an amazing time when scientistsable to photograph a black hole located at a distance of 500 quintillion kilometers from our planet. However, they cannot give exact answers to seemingly children's questions. For example, they argued about the reasons for the striped coloring of zebras for decades and still have not been able to give a definite answer. They are also particularly interested in the reason for the bright red color of foxes, because it is important for these predators to remain invisible for catching prey. But what kind of disguise can we talk about with such a beautiful coat? At the moment, scientists have several assumptions.

Some foxes are really poorly disguised

Foxes are true predators and in their dietincludes more than 400 species of various animals, including small rodents and even snakes. At the same time, they have many natural enemies, such as badgers, wolves, lynxes and bears. It would be logical if the foxes had dull hair, which merges with trees and other vegetation. The fact is that for these animals camouflage is very important both for successful hunting and for self-preservation. But no - these predatory beauties can be seen from afar.

Why do foxes have red hair?

In fact, bright red foxes canexplain in different ways. For example, one could say that bright fox hair scare away other predators, but no - because they are not poisonous insects, like ladybugs? Also, they do not stand on top of the food pyramid, although if they were the most dangerous predators, they could even afford the black and yellow color of tigers.

Bright males attract females more

Some scientists believe that bright coloranimals helps them multiply. In particular, it was believed that females choose to mate only the redhead males, but this theory is very doubtful. The fact is that the eyesight of foxes is designed in such a way that they respond well to movements, but poorly distinguish colors. So this theory can be put aside - between the red color and reproduction there is clearly no special connection.

By the way, because of people's fear, foxes became nocturnal animals

There are more unusual assumptions. Some biologists, for example, dare to reject Darwin's theory of evolution and argue that foxes did not originate from all kinds of crosses of distant ancestors, but were created by someone. What is it that turns out - these red creatures were once invented or transported from alien planets long ago? Complete nonsense.

The main secret of photographers

There is another theory that is also believed in.labor, but it is quite worthy of existence. Most people saw foxes only in photographs, and they are known to often undergo computer processing. Photographers are very fond of making colors brighter than they really are. That is why most people can assume that foxes are bright red in color.

Photographers love vibrant colors.

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As evidence of the veracity of this theoryYou can show a photograph of a fox sitting in a field with yellow vegetation. Surprisingly, against such a background, the predator is not so noticeable and may well suddenly attack a hare or hide from a bloodthirsty wolf.

Anyway, foxes clearly know how to usethe advantages of their color, because they obviously do not die of hunger and do not die massively from the attacks of other predators. If the fox has very bright hair, it can even save her life - motorists are more likely to notice her running across the road and stop in time.