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The flying car made an intercity flight. Why is this just a prank?

In fantasy films, we are often showna future where cities are filled with cars flying in the air. It seems that we are already on the very threshold of one of these futuristic worlds, because the recently flying AirCar made its first flight between two cities in Slovakia. Initially, the car is an ordinary car, but in just a couple of minutes it turns into an aircraft. During the test flight, he accelerated to 170 kilometers per hour, and after landing he again turned into an ordinary car and drove along an asphalt road. Sounds cool and the manufacturer has big plans for the future, but how badly do we need flying cars? If you think about it, this whole concept is sheer pampering.

Flying Car Aircar

AirCar transforming car

Amazing car designed by Slovakby Klein Vision. It is known that a German engine from BMW, running on gasoline, is installed inside it. Earlier it was reported that the car is capable of taking off to a height of about 2,500 meters and covering distances of thousands of kilometers. Its power is enough to lift two people with a total weight of 200 kilograms. The prototype of the AirCar at one time worked in the air for 40 hours. Now, almost the final version of the aircraft, made its first long-distance flight.

The first flight tests of AirCar took place in 2019

Interesting fact: transforming an AirCar from a regular car into aflying takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds. In order not to get in the way on ordinary roads, the narrow wings of the device are folded on the sides. It cannot take off vertically, so it always needs a runway to start a flight.

Intercity travel by car

About the historical flight of the transforming carAirCar was featured in BBC News. The place of departure was the Slovak city of Nitre, and the place of arrival was Bratislava. In total, the car spent 35 minutes in the air and accelerated to a speed of 170 kilometers per hour. Behind the wheel was directly its creator - Stefan Klein (Stefan Klein). After making a soft landing, he turned the aircraft back into an ordinary car and went along the paved road to meet with journalists.

Flying car "folded" state

Senior Research Fellow in AvionicsUniversity of the West of England Stephen Wright (Stephen Wright) admitted that the car-transformer looks very cool. However, he has concerns that the aircraft will not be able to pass the certification and we will never see a flying taxi. He noted that anyone can create an aircraft - only a strong desire and knowledge are needed. However, will the aircraft be able to operate without ever having an accident? Unlikely, but the avionics expert looks to the future with optimism:

I can’t wait to see a piece of paper confirming that it’s completely safe to fly such a machine between cities,” he said.

One can agree with Stephen Wright's concerns.And it's not just about whether such devices can provide the same level of safety as airplanes and helicopters. At the moment, it is not at all clear what the convenience of an AirCar is. It can be assumed that in the future anyone who wants to can buy it and, if necessary, quickly move through the air from one place to another. But even the manufacturer himself confirms that a runway is required for takeoff, that is, taking off moving on a public road will not work so easily. The cost of such a car will be expensive, and the service of a flying taxi will obviously not be cheap. So isn’t it easier to choose ground transportation for short distances, and if you want to fly, buy a plane ticket?

The AirCar looks very small, so it must be crowded inside, which is also a significant minus.

It is because of all the above controversialmoments, the production of flying cars today seems like just an expensive pampering. Another thing is when the creators of such devices from the very beginning say that they are intended for entertainment. For example, the recently flying machine Alauda Aeronautics Mk3 made its first flight - it is designed to participate in spectacular races. You can read more about it in this article.

Alauda Aeronautics Mk3 flying racing car

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Well, at the end of the material, I want to know youropinion: do you think there is a future for flying cars, or is it really pampering? Write your answer in the comments or in our Telegram chat.