The flagship of the Galaxy S10 series delivers inconvenience to users.

In response to complaints raised by someusers of the Galaxy S10 and S10 + models regarding the fingerprint scanner Samsung Electronics made an official message explaining the causes of the problem and giving assurances that the deficiency would be eliminated as soon as possible.

Using the built-in fingerprint scannerin the display, positioned by Samsung as a method of higher confidentiality protection compared to the iris identification. However, the use of an ultrasonic sensor for scanning prints together with various protective films or glasses on the screen significantly reduces the sensitivity of the sensor. Users have to re-apply a finger, or use a stronger degree of clicking on the screen.

However, the developers concluded that the causeThe unimportant triggering of a fingerprint scanner is not the poor quality of the product, but the software. Samsung Electronics has promised to quickly fix the problem in the next update. The first software update, released after the announcement of the Galaxy S10 and S10 + models, has already made improvements to the operation of fingerprint scanners.