The first Vivo TWS Earphone with Qualcomm chip (3 photos + video)

Along with smartphones, the world's leadingmanufacturers are actively developing related mobile accessories, among which wireless headphones are gaining more and more popularity recently. The Chinese company Vivo announced the first TWS Earphone wireless headphones, the development of which lasted about 2 years, during which reviews were received from several thousand users who expressed their opinion on the creation of the most universal form of headphones.

New TWS Earphone Applied For First TimeQualcomm QCC5126 flagship processor with 2 cores and designed specifically for headphones. The developers assure that the performance of the new headphones has doubled. When broadcasting, the sound delay decreased by 44%. Energy consumption reduced by 30%. When using a smartphone uses Bluetooth 5.0, and also supports aptX and AAC.

For headphones selected speakers 14.2 mm. In determining the external design of the headphones, the company interviewed about 6 thousand users offering their vision of the most effective form of the device. As a result, the “leg” of the headphones was shortened, which led to a shift in the center of gravity and increased comfort in use. The mass of each of TWS Earphone is only 4.4 grams.

The autonomous operation of the headphones provides 4hourly listening to audio files. Charging for 15 minutes provides 2 hours of operation, and using the case as an external battery will extend the operating time to 24 hours.
The sale of TWS Earphone in China begins on September 28 at a price of $ 141.