The first tests of Intel Core i9-9900KS did not meet high expectations

Processor developers often in advanceconfer the title of best in the world on their products. It happened with the still not officially presented Special Edition Core i9-9900KS processor, which Intel engineers have already written into the top chip for gaming systems. However, Tom’s Hardware enthusiasts, who got the processor, conducted several tests and made some preliminary conclusions.

In the case of the Special Edition Core i9-9900KS,developers have slightly modified the core chip Core i9-9900K (3.6 / 5.0 GHz), increasing the frequency to 4.0 / 5 GHz. Also used a new stepping R0 to detect hardware vulnerabilities. The Core i9-9900K used P0. However, when performing some tasks in the Core i9-9900KS, a decrease in the number of operations per cycle (-5%) was detected. Compensate for such a drop can a higher processor clock speed. In addition, the heat packet was increased to 127 W (previously it was 95 W).

On this, all changes are completed. The size of the cache of the third level, which is the same 16 MB and the integrated graphics core UHD Graphics 630 with Hyper-Threading technology, has been saved.

Testers were able to overclock the Intel processorSpecial Edition Core i9-9900KS to a frequency of 5.2 GHz, increasing the voltage Vcore to 1.36 V. In this case, the power consumption increased to 180 watts. For comparison, the Core i9-9900K with an increase in frequency to 5.0 GHz increased power consumption up to 200 watts.

In synthetic tests, the new Core i9-9900KS surpasses the Core i9-9900K and the main rival Ryzen 7 3700X, but does not reach the performance of the Ryzen 9 3900X chip.

When checking in game processes, experimentersmade sure that Intel engineers are not far from the truth - in terms of frame rate, the processor left its rivals behind. Paired with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU, when working in Full HD mode, the new chip was able to provide 200 frames per second.

The sale of Intel Special Edition Core i9-9900KS will begin on October 28 at a price of 550 to 560 dollars.

Source: tomshardware