The first serial flying car PAL-V. Not a concept, but a reality!

The development of flying cars are engaged in Audi,Airbus, Uber and many other companies, but almost all of them at the moment can only show the concepts of their creations. It seems that the Dutch company PAL-V was the first to present a working device that was certified and ready to fly. Unfortunately, while it is possible to fly only in the distance of cities, as the settlements are not yet ready for the appearance of such an unusual transport.

Flying car PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Editionwas presented at the Geneva International Motor Show. The device has the shape of a gyroplane and is equipped with a huge screw that raises the entire structure upwards. Due to its shape, it provides a safe fit even in the event of a serious failure. If for some reason the flight will not be possible, it will be able to drive along the roads like a normal car - good, its propeller folds neatly.

The device works on gasoline, but its noisedoes not come from the engine itself, but from rotating blades. When cities are ready for flying vehicles, the company can easily popularize the device - it can be refueled at any station, and parked in a conventional garage. The volume of the gas tank is 100 liters - each hour of flight consumes 26 liters of fuel. Flight speed reaches 180 miles per hour.

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To own a car you will need a license forgiroplan, but the developers claim that the learning process will not take more than 40 hours. It’s pretty hard to believe, because the car’s control panel is full of various buttons and switches, just like in a real helicopter.

Pioneer Edition is designed for those who wantbecome part of a unique group that writes history with us. They will be the first in their country who are able to fly independently to anywhere in the world.

Robert Dingemans, CEO of PAL-V

The company intends to release 90 flyingcars. You should not wait for the electric version in the near future, because there is not yet such a battery on the market that would provide the necessary power for its uninterrupted operation.

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