The first satellites of the global Internet OneWeb in orbit (video)

The real implementation of the program has begun.British company OneWeb to create a global Internet, covering the entire surface of the Earth. The Soyuz carrier ST-B launched from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana.

The first to orbit are six satellitesdesigned for testing communication systems with ground stations. Based on the results of the first tests, from the end of this year a large-scale deployment of a constellation of satellites for OneWeb will begin.

The launch of OneWeb satellites into orbit will becarried out in accordance with the contract of the state corporation Roscosmos. Under the agreement, 21 Soyuz series launch vehicles will be delivered. On average, each launch will send 32 satellites into orbit, the program is designed until 2021.

Roscosmos also ownsa controlling stake in the company “OneWeb”, which will broadcast the Internet to the territory of Russia. However, OneWabe has not yet received permission to use frequencies for work and a license from a satellite operator.