The first Russian electric car will be put into production in early 2020

The Russian auto industry at the beginning of next yearplans to take part in the fight in the electric car market. According to Russian officials, the certification process for the first Russian electric car created by Zetta is nearing completion.

Start of mass production of Russianelectric cars are scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. In accordance with the plans of Zetta, in the first year the release of electric vehicles will exceed 2 thousand units. In the future, it is planned to increase production at the facilities of the car factory in Togliatti, up to 15 thousand cars per year.

It is planned to produce various modifications of Zetta: with front or rear wheel drive. During assembly, components of domestic production will be used, with the exception of batteries, which will be supplied from China.

Cars will be able to reach maximum speedup to 120 km / h, and on one battery charge Zetta will be able to overcome 200 km. The price of an electric car will be about 450 thousand rubles (a little more than 7 thousand dollars).