The first Russian electric aircraft to rise in the sky in 2020

The first Russian aircraft based on electricThe engine is going to lift into the sky in 2020. This is with reference to the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI) reports RIA Novosti. In early February, a demonstrator of an electric motor on high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) with a capacity of 500 kW, developed jointly with SuperOx, was successfully tested in Moscow on the basis of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM).

Use of high temperaturesuperconductors in electric motors can significantly reduce the weight and size of machines and power plants based on them, according to a press release from the FPS. In this case, the main feature of superconductors is a significant reduction, up to almost complete absence, of electrical resistance.

Testing of a hybrid power plant demonstrator with an electric motor based on high-temperature superconductivity is planned to be carried out at a flying laboratory.

According to experts of the foundation,HTS electric motors can be used in electric or hybrid power plants of local airliners, promising rotary-wing aircraft, and vertical take-off and landing aerotaxis.

“The technologies developed for it can be used to create various aircrafts, including multi-rotor ones,” the FPI press release says.

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