The first real photos of the Xbox Series X

One of the most anticipated events of the yearwill be the pre-Christmas competition for the two leading Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 game consoles entering the market. Insiders strive to get as much official information as possible about future devices, make assumptions about technical specifications and upload photos and renderings of devices. For the first time, a console from Microsoft, in the parallelepiped form factor, designed for developers, appeared on real photos, not on renders.

The authenticity of the photos posted on the resourceNeoGAF, can be confirmed by the external similarity of the future Xbox Series X console with official renders. Also, the authenticity of the photo was confirmed by the famous insider Brad Sams.

The presented images allow you to find outsome interesting technical details of the design of the Xbox Series X, a photo of the rear panel of the device on which the connectors and ventilation holes are visible is especially valuable.

Having carefully examined the back panel, it can be seen thatthe console is equipped with two USB Type-A ports, an HDMI connector, an RJ-45 network port, an optical audio port, and a power cable connector. In the center there is another rectangular connector, which will be absent in the original, as it is intended for diagnostic reports of developers.

The prefix is ​​a fully working prototype withown serial number and received the name Xbox Product Name Placeholder. Notably, the appearance of the serial number allows Microsoft to easily identify the source of the leak.