The first quantum teleportation of a flint chip

Using technology based ondata processing using the laws of quantum physics will open the way for the creation of super-powerful supercomputers, and quantum Internet can protect the information space from malicious attacks. The development of such a technology is impossible without solving the problem of controlling and measuring quantum particles.

Physicists from the University of Bristol atIn collaboration with specialists from the Technical University of Denmark, they announced that they have created devices based on chips that generate and control individual particles in programmable nanoscale circuits.

Researchers at the Laboratory of Quantum EngineeringUniversity of Bristol's technology (QET Labs) first demonstrated quantum teleportation of information between two programmable microcircuits. This process is the cornerstone of quantum communication and quantum computing.

In the research process, a scheme was createdusing four single-photon sources, which are recognized as identical and capable of emitting the same photons. As a result, an extremely high accuracy of quantum teleportation of 91% was achieved, as well as low losses, high stability and effective control. Scientists claim that such high results were achieved thanks to low-loss silicon photonics technology and will allow the creation of more complex quantum circuits to provide quantum computing.

Source: phys