The first presentation of the discrete graphics card Xe DG1 (5 photos)

One of the main devices announcedIntel during the events of the exhibition CES 2020 became the new discrete graphics card Xe DG1, first planned for release by the technology giant. During the presentation, company representatives commented on the technical parameters of the video card as discreetly as possible, but presented an image of the appearance of the future device, which, however, is not intended for sale on the open market.

The final design of the Xe DG1 may undergo moresignificant changes, given that the model shown in the photographs is intended for software developers. Distributing the prototype of the video card among Intel developers, it allows them to optimize their applications for the specific architecture of the future discrete card.

It is currently known that the Xe series willIt is presented in three modifications: Xe-LP, Xe-HP and Xe-HPC. There is an assumption that the Xe DG1 video card belongs to the Xe-LP line, as evidenced by the presence of 96 execution units. The absence of power connectors in the photo and the presence of the PCIe x16 interface (approximately 4.0) indicate a low power consumption, which does not exceed 75 watts.

More detailed specifications, as well as the cost of the video card will be announced later. It is known that Xe DG1 can enter the configuration of laptops with the new Intel Tiger Lake processor.

Source: videocardz