The first power banks Redmi will cost from $ 9

Redmi not only produces smartphones, but alsovarious accessories. Recently, the range has been replenished with two power banks with different capacities. The main feature of the development is affordability. And the older model added to this a significant output power. In addition, it supports fast charging to quickly recharge your battery.

As the name implies, the capacity of the device is PowerBank 10,000 from Redmi is 10,000 mAh. This corresponds to 2.3 full charge iPhone XS or 1.75 charge Redmi Note 7. The maximum charging power at the output of this power bank is 12, 24 watts. The electrical circuit apparatus supplemented with several degrees of protection.

The case has two USB Type-A ports andtwo input jacks: USB Type-C and micro USB. The device can be charged from the mains by a 10 watt adapter. Fast charging technology is not supported in this case. It is worth $ 9.
Redmi Power Bank 20,000 has twice as muchcapacity. Several output current values ​​are supported: from 12.24 W to 18 W. In addition, there is a fast charge, providing replenishment of its own capacity of 18 watts.

In the case of Power Bank 20,000 from Redmi single chargeEnough for 5.3 Mi9 refills, 4.8 - iPhone XS, 3.5 - Redmi K20 and Redmi Note 7. Structurally, this power bank is protected from short circuits, overheating and power surges in several degrees. The gadget is worth 15 dollars.

Both developments in China will begin to sell from July 23.

Source: gizmochina