The first "musical concert" will take place on Mars

Implementation should start in spring 2020the second part of the mission of the Russian-European space mission ExoMars, in which the new planet Rosalind Franklin, developed by the European Space Agency and the landing platform Kazachek, created by the Lavochkin Scientific-Production Association is planned to be sent to the Red Planet. An interesting feature of the latter is not only that it was developed in Russia, but also that the platform is equipped with the MAIGRET tool, created by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

It is a highly sensitivea microphone, capable of a super sensitive microphone that can pick up thunder sounds from Martian lightning (if, of course, those exist). According to planetologists, such electrical discharges can occur in dust clouds, often occurring in the atmosphere of the Red Planet, but scientists have not yet documented their traces.

To test the performance of the device scientistsplan to hold the first kind of concert on the surface of Mars, losing one of 11 short melodies or sound clips that will be recorded in the onboard MAIGRET memory block. What is interesting, audio recordings that the device will have to reproduce are suggested to be selected by Internet users.

“We needed a data set to checktool health. Instead of using a random set of waves for this, we decided to record a set of short sound clips on a chip and thereby attract the public's attention to our project, ”comments Ondrei Santolik, MAIGRET research manager.

As the organizers of the project, the authors of theseRecords can be any users of the global network. To do this, just visit the special site of the competition and send the scientists their version of the audio file. The only requirement is that the duration of the recording should not exceed 30 seconds, since the memory block of MAIGRET is limited.

Competition on the choice of "musical compositions"carried out in two stages. First, scientists will select 11 of the most successful and popular options published on the site (users are also invited to vote for them). They will then be written into the MAIGRET memory block. During the flight of the spacecraft to Mars is scheduled to hold another vote. Within its framework, a single recording will be selected, which will be reproduced during the first switching on of the scientific instrument. The remaining audio files will be erased at the moment when the MAIGRET microphone will listen to the first Martian concert and transmit its sounds to Earth.

To date, hundreds of applications have been submitted to the site. Among them are fragments of Stephen Hawking's speeches, music from the fantastic movie Interstellar, the Battlestar Galactica series, sounds of nature, well, and, of course, a bunch of different memes. For example, now the famous Spanish "Laughter" is leading.

The first selection of compositions is scheduled for completion on May 20 of this year. The second phase of voting is going to be announced later, when the “Cossack” flies to Mars.

Recall that the implementation of the first phaseRussian-European mission "ExoMars" began in 2016. Two vehicles were sent to the Red Planet: the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) orbital probe and the Schiaparelli landing module. The main task of Schiaparelli was the development of technologies for entering the atmosphere, descent, and landing on the surface of Mars. Unfortunately, during the landing descent crashed. In turn, the TGO orbital probe successfully entered a given orbit and works for the benefit of science, waiting for the new rover, with which it will work in pairs.

The task of the new mobile autonomous scientificlaboratories will be geological research and search for traces of life on the Red Planet near the landing site. In turn, TGO has already managed to make a number of interesting discoveries. For example, he discovered giant deposits of water in certain regions of the planet and at the same time did not find even minimal traces of methane in its atmosphere.

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