The first humanoid robot Fedor landed on the ISS (video)

For the first time in the history of astronautics, the humanoidthe robot began to fulfill its functional duties at the ISS station. True, the landing at the station occurred only on the second attempt, but this was not the fault of the good-natured Russian robot Fedor (FEDOR - Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research), who joked in his own Twitter: “I apologize for the delay. Stuck in traffic. Ready to continue. ”

The landing on the ISS took place on August 27 aftersuccessful docking of the Soyuz MS-14 cargo ship to the Zvezda module in the Russian section of the station. The first docking attempt, which was scheduled to take place on August 24, was unsuccessful. During the docking, a malfunction of the signal amplifier of the “Kurs” system of mutual measurements was revealed on the small research module No. 2 (MIM2) “Search”.

After preliminary preparatory work wasre-docked with another docking module. Re-docking took place 4 minutes earlier than planned at 6 hours 08 minutes (GMT) on August 27.

Robot Fedor with the call sign Skybot F-850, isthe brainchild of Android Technology and the Advanced Research Foundation (FPI), and was commissioned by the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The flight of the humanoid robot will last until September 6, and its triumphant return to Earth is planned on September 7.