The first harvest of radish was harvested at the ISS (2 photos + video)

For the development of distant planets, humanity mustmaster the technology of growing food in space in low gravity conditions. The first successes on the path to space farms were demonstrated by astronaut Keith Rubins, who harvested fresh radishes on the International Space Station. Microgravity plant research will provide a food program solution for future missions to Mars and the Moon.

For the cultivation of fresh radish was usedInstallation of Advanced Plant Habitat (APH). NASA has presented an accelerated video recording (time-lapse) on which you can trace the 27-day growth cycle of space radishes.

The APH chamber uses a wide spectrum of red, blue, green and white LEDs to stimulate plant growth, and a dedicated system supplies water to the plants as needed.

After harvesting the first harvest of 20fruits of radish, the astronauts packed the roots in foil, placed them in a refrigerator for storage, for further return to Earth for more detailed research.

The choice of radish as one of the first space crops is explained by the plant's unpretentiousness, its excellent nutritional properties and excellent taste.