The first floating farm in the world opens in the Netherlands

We have written many times about floating cities, but,perhaps we have never touched on the topic of floating farms. Imagine, such exist! In addition, one of these places is located in the very center of Western Europe - in the Netherlands. A futuristic platform is located right next to the largest European port in the city of Rotterdam, providing all its inhabitants with year-round access to clean water, fresh grass and other “gastronomic delights”.

Why did they build a floating farm?

It would seem, for what animals needbe out of your usual habitat? After all, one could build a completely modern farm on earth. Well, according to the developers of such an unusual project, it’s just the same in the ground. The Netherlands is a small but rather densely populated country, already now coming up with options for how to maximize the use of all the territory at its disposal.

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In order to constantly providemaximum comfort for its inhabitants, the platform was equipped with a special “green hectare”, which animals can go out when they are fed up with a constant view of the ocean. In addition, 40 cows can live on the farm at the same time, which can produce more than 1000 liters of milk per day. In other words, thanks to such an unusual organization of space, scientists plan not only to put in place the first experiment in order to see how agriculture will develop in the future, but also so that the inhabitants of Rotterdam can receive constant and environmentally friendly food.

Despite a number of construction advantagesa unique farm, entrepreneurs believe that the main source of income for the “farm from the future” will not even be milk production, but its tourist attraction. In addition to tourists, pupils and students will be able to observe the life of cows.

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Is it possible to grow trees on a floating platform?

Can. Only artificial. The fact is that the creators of the project are not ready to wait for the time when they can sufficiently grow all the plants necessary for the project. In order to reduce the animals' need for flora, the entrepreneurs decided to install artificial analogues on the platform.

Do cows have seasickness?

Despite the fact that approximately one third of respondentsThey spoke positively about the construction of such an unusual structure, the remaining two-thirds of the respondents consider the idea of ​​floating farms to be openly delusional. The fact is that it has not yet been reliably proven whether animals have the prerequisites for the occurrence of motion sickness. If so, the project may be in danger of closure due to inhumane treatment of animals. However, be that as it may, this fact does not stop the collaboration of scientists and entrepreneurs. In the near future, researchers want to launch a floating greenhouse and marine chicken farm project.
Such farms will float not only alongcoast of the Netherlands. As conceived by the creators, cows and chickens will be able to become full-fledged travelers, promoting by their example a new type of agriculture of the future.