The first ever movie converted to 4K resolution (video)

Combine the technology of the past with modernthe achievements of science and engineering, tried the product manager of the publishing house “Committee” Denis Shiryaev, who converted one of the first short films in the history of cinema to 4K format and enriched silent films with sound effects.

Cinematic rarity “Arrival of a train onLa Ciotat station ”, filmed by the founders of the cinema, the Lumiere brothers in 1896, and became a symbol of new art, which later changed the world. The video “Arrival of the train”, the duration of which does not exceed one minute, set the first cinema standards that are still relevant for directors.

Enthusiast Denis Shiryaev used to“Rejuvenation” of the 125-year-old video clip of neural network technology (Gigapixel AI and Topaz Labs), which made it possible to increase the resolution of the base material and get a movie in 4K resolution at 60fps. To create a modern atmosphere, the video also received sound design.

In the near future, Shiryaev plans to integrate color effects into the video “Arrival of the train”.