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The first deadly jet pack drop ever happened

Humanity is constantly trying to invent newvehicles or improve existing ones. Today it’s already no surprise for cars and motorbikes and their safety is growing every year, but jetpacks for flying through airspace still seem to people something new. Working prototypes of the so-called jetpacks were created in the middle of the 20th century, but they are still not available for purchase and are shown only at various festivals. And the reason for the inaccessibility lies in their insecurity, because pilots are constantly at risk of breaking on the ground. This is exactly what happened recently during the festival in Puerto Rico - a man flying on a jetpack fell to the ground from a great height and crashed to death.

The first deadly fall with a jetpack

According to the Spanish edition of Elnuevodia,The accident occurred in the amusement park on December 4, 2019. The jetpack was controlled by a 49-year-old pilot named Kelman James Riches, who came from the US state of Florida. During the flight, the jetpack exploded for reasons unknown until now and the extreme fell to the ground from at least 6 meters high. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but he died from his injuries.

Jetpacks are considered one of the most dangerous aircraft.

The jetpack crippled evenWendell Moore’s own inventor. In 1961, during the tests, the jetpack inventor injured his leg and testing had to be carried out by his assistant Harold Graham. It was he who became the first person to fly on a jetpack, but over the decades of the existence of this technology, the security problem has not yet been solved.

A jetpack was first shown in the 1965 film "Ball Lightning"

Despite this, in 2019 Frenchthe inventor Frankie Zapata decided to fly on a jetpack from France to the UK through the English Channel. You probably already guessed or know that this flight did not go without an unforeseen situation. The fact is that at half way the pilot needed to fill the satchel, landing on the ship. However, he did not calculate the trajectory, missed and fell right into the water. Fortunately, Frankie Zapata received no serious injuries.

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It is noteworthy that these are far from the only onesaccident with jetpacks. At one time, extreme sportsman Richard Browning fell into the water, and the pilot from the American Apollo project completely fell to the ground and broke his jaw and ribs.

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Perhaps after a fatal accident, manufacturersjetpacks will finally tackle the safety of their aircraft. However, an accident that has occurred may hinder the development of some projects such as jetpack racing. And all because in such competitions the risk of falling from a great height is much greater and such a fall is likely to be fatal.