The first case of ignition of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is fixed (4 photos)

Cases of ignition of smartphones from the KoreanSamsung companies are quite common. The loudest scandal is associated with a massive marriage of the battery in the flagship model Galaxy Note 7, released for sale in 2016. A new incident has already happened with the new Galaxy S10 5G, which has only recently gone on sale in South Korea.

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The new Korean owner of Samsung GalaxyS10 5G did not have time to fully appreciate all the advantages of their purchase. With a banal fall to the floor, the smartphone suddenly flashed. By chance, no one was injured as a result of the incident, but the device itself cannot be recovered. Moreover, the official service center refused to replace the burnt gadget with a new one or compensate for the loss with a cash payment because the Galaxy S10 5G caught fire due to external damage, that is, the buyer's fault.

The owner of the burned device with this positioncompanies do not agree, but in social networks, he asks an open question: should the flagship explode from the usual fall to the floor ?! The official answer from Samsung to the question the user has not yet received. However, the case of ignition of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G support is the first.

Source:, Sudhanshu Ambhore