The first black hole photographed was named Poehi.

Posted on April 10 photograph of a black hole inthe center of the galaxy Messier 87 made a lot of noise - it was printed on the main pages of almost all newspapers. All this time she was called simply as a “black hole”, but now she has an official name - Poehi (Powehi). The name was suggested by Hawaiian professor Hilo Larry Kimura and was gladly accepted by the astronomical community. After all, 8 telescopes participated in the shooting of a space object, and two of them were located in Hawaii.

Professor Larry Kimura explained that the namePoehi is closely related to the creation of the world Hawaiian myths. Literally, “Powehi” can be translated as “decorated bottomless dark creation” or “immense emptiness”: a part of “Po” implies a deep dark source of endless creation, and “wehi” is something that is adorned with ornaments. According to astronomers, the chosen word perfectly describes the photo taken.

Writing the name of the first black hole photographed is a big part for me and my Hawaiian ancestry.

Hilo Larry Kimura, a professor at the University of Hawaii

Scientists from around the world wanted to see a black hole withthe distant 1960s - they knew about their existence, but it was impossible to photograph them. The way the scientists went to this significant day is a whole story about which you can read in our special material. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the answers to the three main questions that may arise when viewing a historical photograph.

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