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The first asymptomatic coronavirus carrier found

For a little over a month now we have been hearingin all media about the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), an outbreak of which was detected in the Chinese province of Wuhan. Together with increasing international publicity, this virus increases concern among the populations of many countries, as it has spread all over the world. Medical communities are alarmed because of the daily changing epidemiological picture and the new capabilities of the virus itself, in particular, we are talking about the method of transmission of infection. So, experts suggest that the virus is able to be transmitted even during the incubation period.

Currently, about 17,000 people are infected with coronavirus, about 360 people have already died from the disease

Coronavirus outside of China

According to information provided by the WorldBy the Health Organization, the 2019-nCoV virus has already gone beyond the borders of the Chinese state and spread to the territories of 23 countries where 151 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered.

According to an article in The New magazineEngland Journal of medicine, medical communities suggest that coronavirus infection can be transmitted from person to person at a time when not a single symptom of the patient manifested itself. This period in medicine is called latent. At the moment, it is known that the incubation period, which begins when the virus enters the body and ends with the onset of the first symptoms, can reach 1 to 14 days in a coronavirus infection.

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Several chronologically arranged casesinfections give scientists the full right to assume that the latent period of a viral infection is much shorter than the incubation period, which may indicate the existence of asymptomatic forms of the disease. So, a similar case occurred in Germany, where one of the German businessmen turned to doctors with symptoms of tonsillitis, headache and chills. The next day, he developed a cough and the temperature rose to 39 degrees Celsius, but a day later he was discharged from the hospital and he was able to go to work. As it turned out later, the businessman met with a business partner from Shanghai, who arrived in Germany without any symptoms of coronavirus infection, but upon returning to China, he revealed a positive result for 2019-nCov.

More people have died from an outbreak of coronavirus infection than from SARS in 2002-2003

For security reasons, the man was sent toconducting additional tests in Munich, the results of which revealed a positive reaction to coronavirus infection. German specialists also needed to conduct an additional examination of people who could be in contact with a sick man. It turned out that these people were employees of his company, three of whom were diagnosed with the disease using a special PCR test. It is important to note that so far none of them have shown any serious clinical symptoms of the disease.

Thus, scientists suggest that the infectioncould be transmitted during the incubation period from a person in whom the disease proceeded easily and not specifically. This conclusion can significantly affect the course of the spread of the virus, since people with asymptomatic forms of the disease are capable of transmitting coronavirus infection.

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Earlier diseases such as acuterespiratory syndrome (SARS) and respiratory syndrome in the Middle East (MERS), which were caused by other representatives of coronaviruses, did not have the ability to be transmitted before the onset of the first symptoms, but now a new type of microorganism could significantly differ from its predecessors.