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The first American ever to cross Antarctica alone

American explorer and traveler ColinO’Brady was the first person in history to cross Antarctica alone. His campaign ended on December 26, when O’Brady reached the final destination - the Ross Ice Shelf. About a difficult but successful campaign that lasted 54 days, reports Business Insider, who interviewed a daredevil. O’Brady shared his progress through his Instagram page.

The publication reports that the thirty-three-year-old seekeradventure traveled 1,500 kilometers through the southernmost continent on skis without replenishment, so the traveler dragged everything he needed in a large sleigh. Everyone before O’Brady also tried to cross Antarctica alone, either giving up or dying along the way. Even more admiring is the fact that instead of 70 days of the initially calculated days, he reached the final point 16 days earlier, that is, in just 54 days. This allowed him to get around the British explorer Luis Rudd, who, at the same time as O’Brady, but using his route, also tried to set a record. When O’Brady reached the finish line on Thursday, Rudd was still 8 kilometers from his finish point on the Leverett Glacier.

At the start, the O’Brady sleigh was 180kilograms. Among the things taken with him were a tent, a sleeping bag, cameras, a satellite phone, as well as 14 kilograms of fuel for the stove, for which the traveler was preparing his own food. By the way, the bulk of the weight of the sled was just for food - O’ Brady took about 100 kilograms of various supplies with him, which allowed him to survive in the harsh conditions of Antarctica for more than two months.

“I had to count each calorie for a long time,which I added to my sled, as each calorie added weight to this sled. It was necessary to choose the most high-calorie foods, but at the same time ensure that their weight was minimal, ”O’Brady told Business Insider.

Since the challenge was tominimize the weight of camping supplies, the traveler’s diet consisted of oatmeal, freeze-dried foods, bagged soup, and energy bars. O’Brady says there's simply no room left for fresh produce.

“I ate the same food in the same sequence every day,” the traveler comments.

Each new day began with boiling water foroatmeal, to which O’ Brady added a special powder containing proteins and fats. After that, every 90 minutes, he consumed approximately 500 calories in the form of energy bars, which contained grated nuts, palm oil, and other ingredients. It was energy bars that became his main source of calories in this campaign, said the extreme.

“Every gram of food I put in a sled shouldreally worth it. You can’t afford any excess here, ”O’Brady told Business Insider reporters before setting off on a hike.

Happy O’Brady ate quick noodlespreparations, as well as several servings of vegetable protein. With the onset of the evening, he was faced with a choice of four canned foods (chili turned out to be his favorite). In addition, he drank four cups of instant chicken noodle soup. As a result, the total daily calorie intake could reach 7000.

“Despite the fact that the last 32 hours have been the most difficult test of my life, I think that this time was one of the best moments that I had to experience,” says O’ Brady.

“The whole trip I’m in a streaming state of consciousness, fully focusing on the final goal and at the same time constantly thinking about what lessons this journey gives me.”

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