The final version of the flying taxi VoloCity presented

Remember the movie "The Fifth Element", where Bruce Willisplays the role of a flying taxi driver? Surely many who watched this comedy action movie dreamed that cars soaring above the ground really existed. Well, the scenes that were shown in the film are slowly entering our daily lives. At least, the active development of flying taxis takes place in the USA and Germany. The German company Volocopter is making particular progress - it recently told which particular vehicles will transport people and how the landing sites will look like.


Aircraft were called VoloCity andfully comply with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Before presenting the final version, the company for several years tested three test options. All of them completed more than 1000 preliminary flights, during which engineers revealed their weaknesses. In the fourth version of VeloCity, they were fixed and now the company is confident that it is these vehicles that will carry passengers when they officially launch the taxi service.

Flying taxi VoloCity

Externally, the VoloCity looks like a helicopter, butinstead of one screw, it is equipped with 18 rotors - thanks to this design, the device produces less noise. We think those two people who can fit in the interior of a compact device will be very grateful for his noiseless work. They will also probably enjoy a rather short flight time - according to the company, the devices can accelerate to 110 kilometers per hour. Only one thing can disappoint - on a single charge, the device can cover only 35 kilometers.

Even the Russian company Kamaz is developing a flying taxi

When will the flying taxi appear?

The company has not yet announced an official datetaxi service launch. However, she already planned to test the device at the end of 2019 in Singapore. It is likely that if the device proves its safety, the company will be able to obtain permission for passenger flights and finally launch the long-awaited service. Although, the company still needs to work on building a runway called VoloPorts. Comfortable buildings will be located next to them, where passengers can wait for their aircraft.

Flying taxi waiting area

Perhaps Volocopter can be put inan example to other organizations - she developed her idea in a fairly short time. It appeared in the form of a company in 2011 and has attracted more than 35 million euros in its entire history. Even Intel representatives, whose processors are installed in billions of computers and laptops around the world, liked their idea.

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Uber Flying Taxi

Does the same pace of developmentthat the American company Uber, which also creates a flying taxi service. In 2018, she introduced a prototype of her aircraft and announced that the first passenger flights would be completed as early as 2020. Unlike the German taxi VoloCity, the American version is more like a huge quadrocopter. At the same time, four passengers can fit in the cabin at once.

Uber Flying Taxi

Group flights are likely to cost.cheaper for passengers. It seems that in the future a section with air taxi lovers will appear in various services for searching for travel companions. What do you think? Write in the comments.