The fastest car in the world from Bugatti accelerated to 490 kilometers per hour, but did not count the record

Bugatti Automobiles has once again created the mostthe fastest "almost serial" car in the world, having dispersed the prototype of its Chiron coupe to the unthinkable 490 kilometers per hour (almost 305 miles per hour). And despite the fact that the record was not counted (why? Now we’ll figure it out), the French proved that very soon cars capable of overcoming the 500 km / h speed barrier will be able to drive public roads.

490 kilometers per hour - a new speed record for a car

The fastest car in the world

Early morning on Volkswagen's speed ringGermany was unusually loud - it was there that the Bugatti decided to test its fastest car. And although the manufacturer is a little disingenuous, calling this Chiron modification “almost serial”, it has a number of differences from the usual model. Firstly, engine power with sixteen cylinders and four (!) Turbochargers was increased from 1,500 to 1,600 horsepower. Aerodynamics also underwent refinement: to increase downforce (namely, it helps to reduce air resistance), the tail of the car was increased by as much as 25 centimeters. For the same purpose, the exhaust pipes protrude slightly behind the body (and what, the hot exhaust gases also reduce aerodynamics!).

Exhaust pipes protrude to improve aerodynamics

But that is not all. A chassis was specially created for this car, which, due to laser sensors, reduced ground clearance to a minimum of only 5 centimeters. Michelin prepared special tires for the coupe, and the organizers of the test took and threw out all the excess in the car to make it easier, including the passenger seat.

Ground clearance does not exceed 5 centimeters

Serial Bugatti Chiron inside. The passenger seat was removed from the prototype

For this reason, let the coupe dispersed to 490kilometers per hour, the Bugatti “serial car” speed record was not counted. But is it so important, given that the car was able to accelerate to such a speed? Moreover, the company claims that they plan to use most lotions in the road top version of the Chiron Super Sport coupe. See how it was.

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Past speed record for a production carBugatti was able to deliver in 2010. Then the French managed to accelerate their supercar Veyron to a speed of 431 kilometers per hour. For seven (!) Years, none of the other automakers could beat this record (although attempts were made - details in our Yandex.Zen channel), but in 2017, the pilot of the Swedish car Koenigsegg Agera RS, which reached a speed of 447 kilometers per hour, succeeded. When driving on a public freeway in Nevada.

Koenigsegg Agera RS is preparing to set a speed record on the highway in Nevada

The same manufacturer then beat Bugatti inacceleration time from 0 to 400 kilometers per hour. The Bugatti supercar took 42 seconds to do this, while the Koenigsegg Agera RS took just 36.44 seconds to complete the combat mission.

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Well, now Koenigsegg has a new challenge- disperse one of its cars to 500 kilometers per hour. True, in order to set a record among mass-produced cars, it is enough for them to break their own past record, because the Bugatti Chiron was not recognized as a "serial" car.

Car speed record

If we talk not only about production cars, thenThe highest speed on the car was achieved back in 1997 by race car driver Andy Green in a Thrust SSC car. Two engines from the plane gave it to accelerate to 1000 kilometers per hour in just 16 seconds.

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And in 2015, the British company Bloodhound SSCcreated the car of the same name, which is able to accelerate to 1287 kilometers per hour. So far, however, the car has not been able to break the record of 20 years ago - the company has run out of money. The test should pass this year: the car, if you can call it that, intend to disperse it to 960 kilometers per hour.