The eleven-year history of Google smartphones in one video (video)

The history of Android is one of the most commonoperating systems for smartphones, totals only 11 years, but during this short period the open OS has undergone numerous changes and modifications. Even greater transformations affected devices running Android, developed by Google.

YouTube video blogger Mrwhosethebossdemonstrated in the video report all smartphones that were the first to come out with updated operating systems. The evolutionary transformations of devices and interfaces are collected in one fairly short clip.

The first smartphone to come out of the operating roomAndroid 1.0 system in the fall of 2008, became the device HTC Dream. Already in the spring of next, 2009, the HTC Magic was released, which has a unique optimized form factor and an improved version of the operating system - Android 1.5. Cupcake. In the same year, the Motorola Droid smartphone, which received a full-fledged mechanical keyboard, was announced with the installed Android 2.0 Eclair system.

HTC Nexus One enters the market in 2010, withsoftware completely developed by Google, and running on Android 2.2, later upgraded to Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). In the future, the series was developed, and HTC Dezire Z and Samsung Nexus S devices were released. Since 2016, Google has launched its own Pixel line, which is now presented in the fourth generation with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices.

Video blogger showed about two dozensmartphones released over 11 years and running on the Android OS. Users will be able to visualize the evolutionary path of both mobile devices and the interface of the popular operating system.