The electronic manual will teach children the basics of financial literacy

The basis of the interactive training course "LANIT"put the training program of the Ministry of Finance. The presentation of the basics of financial literacy is conducted in a simple language and tells about all aspects of commodity-money relations from the formation of the family budget to more complex concepts such as bank lending, protection against economic crises, tax payments and social benefits. Previously, such a course was taught only in high school.

The training course is already in the public domain,free library of the "Electronic textbook on financial literacy." The manual can be found online, and versions are available for both Android and iOS. Testing of the new course will take place this fall, for which any Russian school should apply for participation in the pilot program.

The manual sets out initial information aboutinvestment methods, methods of protection against phishing and ways of forming the first capital for organizing your own business. To consolidate the material passed in the program, test tasks and control questions are provided.

The developers of LANIT Network Academy said that in the near future there will be other interactive courses designed for elementary school, orphanages and boarding schools.

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