The efficiency of solar panels can be increased by 4 times

A priority for modern energyis to provide industry and domestic users with cheap electricity obtained from alternative sources such as solar and wind generating stations.

Developers offer various techniques.increase the efficiency of solar cells. Scientists from the United States have developed a theoretical basis for increasing the efficiency of solar panels, due to the selection of not only light energy, but also thermal energy.

Currently increasing the temperature of the panelssolar stations reduces work efficiency, and requires the creation of special cooling systems to remove excess heat. The obvious solution is to use this energy for additional energy generation.

Scientists from Rice Universitydeveloped a methodology according to which for heat extraction the surface of solar panels is covered with a thin, transparent film of carbon nanotubes that transform thermal energy into radiation in a narrow spectral region.

Practical use of the developed methodwill allow to increase the efficiency of solar panels up to 80%, which is 4 times higher than the average index of modern panels used to generate electricity.

At present, this is only a theory, the practical implementation of which will help to quickly replace traditional ecologically harmful thermal power plants with solar panels that are safe for humans.

Source: cleantechnica