The easiest and weakest passwords of 2019 published (2 photos)

How many experts do not warncybersecurity about the need to use strong, complex and original passwords, users remain indifferent to protecting their own data and accounts. Another study of popular, obvious and, as a result, completely unreliable passwords was published on the NordPass blog.

Security experts once againmade sure that the warnings remain “the voice of one crying in the wilderness”, as before, millions of people use the “mysterious” combination of numbers “12345” as a password.

Researchers analyzed data from a database with 500million passwords and identified 200 of the most common combinations. The most popular passwords traditionally contain easily guessed and simple combinations of numbers (12345,111111,123321), common female names (Nicole, Jessica, Hannah). Also popular are simply strings of letters forming horizontal or vertical lines on the QWERTY keyboard (asdfghjkl, qazwsx, 1qaz2wsx). Among the “branded passwords”, “Samsung” was in the first place, and “football” among the sports.

Experts once again argue thatdespite the difficulty of remembering non-obvious passwords, this is a necessary measure to protect personal space. It also provides recommendations for observing the basic rules of “password hygiene”: to analyze all accounts and change “weak passwords” using unique ones. To create passwords, you can use password generators, and also check them in special reliability applications.

Also, protection is enhanced by using two-factor authentication and regular checking of suspicious actions on accounts.

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