The Earth has a new satellite visible from the planet (2 photos)

Private company Rocket Lab, dealing withspace development, decided to contribute to the unification of mankind. It became a man-made celestial body, which will become a satellite of the Earth and will be visible from any point on the planet. According to the developers, contemplating this bright satellite, people will more clearly feel the unity of all mankind and the need to solve human tasks together.

Introducing The Humanity Star - a bright,blinking satellite orbiting Earth, visible to the night sky. The Humanity Star. Website coming soon

- Rocket Lab (@RocketLab) January 24, 2018

According to the message of the American privatespace company Rocket Lab, it launched three commercial satellites this week, but the launch of the fourth one, known as the Humanity Star, that is, the Star of Humanity, did not include any public messages.

Representatives of the company claim that thisthe satellite will be visible from Earth even with the naked eye. "Star of Humanity" is a disco ball with a diameter of about a meter. For the manufacture of 65 solar panels that make up the disco ball, carbon was used. Solar panels are used to receive power directly from the Sun and to reflect the light, so that a new orbital object will be visible in the night sky.

The brightness of the probe is such that in the absence ofclouds will be visible from anywhere on our planet. At the same time, a site was launched in Rocket Lab, where you can find constantly updated information about the location of the "Star of Humanity" in real time. The satellite makes a complete revolution around the Earth in 90 minutes, rotating rapidly, it reflects the sun's rays to the Earth, creating a flashing light that can be seen against the starry sky. It is a pity, but the "Star of Humanity" will be in orbit for about nine months, after which it will burn in the atmosphere of the planet.