The drone in the form of a ring can fly 2 times longer than quadrocopters

Over the past few years flying dronesturned from "expensive toys" into a truly mass product. But despite the improvement of these aircraft, the majority of drones (especially small ones) still have a significant drawback: they can spend very little time in the air. This is primarily due to the low efficiency of the screws and the low battery capacity. However, a team of engineers from Switzerland came up with how to increase the time of the flight of drones by more than 2 times. And for this they had to "re-invent" the drone again.

Responsible for the development of specialists from the companyFlybotix The uniqueness of the development lies in the fact that the new drone has two screws located above each other, instead of four. At the same time, the changes also affected the design of the drone. It has the shape of a ring, which "covers" the aircraft in a circle.

How does a new type of drone

Ring-shaped drone has a width ofabout 30 cm in diameter, and since each propeller is longer than any similar one that would be used in quadcopter of the same size, this provides greater lift. In addition, since the battery only feeds two engines instead of four, it runs much longer.

How to manage drone

To control and stabilize the aircraftThe apparatus in the air uses specially developed algorithms that are responsible for monitoring and adjusting the speed of rotation and for the inclination of the screws relative to the earth's surface.

This is interesting: In the US, they started selling a flamethrower for drones.

This approach is similar to the one usedcreating coaxial helicopters (helicopters with two screws). In this case, according to the creators, the design of the drone makes it quite easy to adjust the screws, replace and maintain them, which makes the new type of UAVs as easy to use as regular quadcopters.

Why do you need a new drone

According to representatives of Flybotix, the main scope of the drone will be its use in reconnaissance operations, including in emergency situations.

“If a regular quadrocopter flies into a tree orthe wall is more likely to damage its screws. The new type of drone has a protective plastic case that protects it from bumps and falls, ”said Flybotix founder Samir Buabdall.

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However, we would like to speculate a little aboutPerspectives of new development. Although the plastic ring protects the screws from the collisions, the streamlining of such a design leaves much to be desired, and this will not affect the flight characteristics in a very positive way. This “little ring” will fly rather slowly. And, even if the large propellers will have less electricity from the battery charge, in order to fly the same distance as the quadcopter, it will be necessary to overcome much greater air resistance due to the strange shape of the flying device.

By the way, drones with two screws are already“invented” on Aliexpress site long ago (it remains only to “wrap” them with plastic), therefore the expediency of this development is very, very doubtful. What do you think? Share your opinion in our chat in Telegram.