The driver's license of Russians will be transferred to smartphones

Gradually the whole life of modern manmoving to smartphone. It was the turn of the driver’s license to find their own virtual copy. According to the head of the traffic police of the Russian Federation, soon instead of a plastic crust, the driver will be able to present a driver’s license from the smartphone’s monitor.

Keep in mind that virtual rights arealternative type of document, not its full replacement. Rights will be issued in two versions: in traditional and in electronic form. In this case, the plastic version will be necessary for Russians traveling abroad, and inside Russia it will be possible to use the electronic form using a special application on a smartphone.

Officials plan to enter electronic forma driver’s license already in 2020, but more precise terms have not yet been announced. Currently, for the introduction of a virtual driver’s license, legal norms should be brought in line, as well as the preparation of appropriate equipment for issuing documents.

Source: tass