The dogs will fly into space again. What for?

All dogs go to heaven. But on the way there some of them may one day make a stop aboard the International Space Station (ISS). At least with such an idea were made by American scientists who suggested returning the practice of sending four-legged human friends into Earth orbit. According to researchers, they can bring huge benefits. But which one?

Animals in space

In the last century, when astronautics onlyIt was born, sending a person into space right away was very dangerous. It was not clear how the space environment will affect human organisms (and in general, living organisms). In order not to risk in vain and not ruin human lives, various animals were sent into space as "forced volunteers". Including dogs. We, by the way, have an interesting article on this topic. Today, large animals (if you do not take into account man) are not sent to space. Among living organisms aboard the ISS, there are mainly various bacteria, plants and rodents. The main studies are carried out with people, because we are faced with the task of colonizing other planets and satellites of the Solar system. Before you do this, you need to understand how a long stay in space will affect people's health.

Why then send the dogs back to space,you ask? The most obvious benefit of sending four-legged friends to the orbital station is the ability to cuddle and caress them, calming your nerves or elevating your mood. Work in space is very difficult and stressful. Crews of the station need the opportunity to somehow relax. Having a dog on board will help.

However, the main purpose of sending dogs to the ISS is the ability to diversify human microbiomes during long missions in earth orbit.

What is a microbiome?

Microbiomes are a collection of all microorganisms,who live in the body and on the body. These microorganisms are located in different parts of the human body and perform important functions necessary for our health. They are unique from person to person, and their number can change under the influence of certain activities, such as washing hands, brushing your teeth or taking medicine. Disruption of the functions of these microorganisms can lead to the development of various diseases. For example, intestinal bacteria allow us to properly digest and absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. Oral bacteria protect the oral cavity from harmful organisms. Skin bacteria help protect us from various skin diseases.

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Why do dogs in space?

In general, on the International Space Stationpretty clean But, of course, there are also microbial populations. Scientists say that the ability to diversify the microbiomes of people aboard the orbital station through contact with pets can increase the protection of people against various types of diseases. Dogs can transmit to humans useful types of germs that will help the human body to work properly in space.

And before that, scientists found that dogs canfeel cancer in a person. Experiments have shown that dogs are capable of determining lung cancer with an accuracy of up to 96.7 percent, prostate cancer up to 99 percent accuracy and thyroid cancer up to 88 percent. Such a good detector of sores, with which you can still play. It seems that dogs will really go with a man to conquer other worlds.

However, it is not clear how scientists plansolve problems of possible psychological stress of the animals themselves. This question will require separate consideration. The person realizes that he is in the conditions of weightlessness. Will animals be aware of this? We hope that the well-being of four-legged comrades will be thought more than in the earliest experiments when they are sent into space.

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