The developers of the Elbrus processor want to move production to Russia

The MCST company, the developer of domestic Elbrus processors, is negotiating the possibility

transfer of production to the Mikron factory inZelenograd near Moscow. Previously, Elbrus processors were produced at the facilities of the Taiwanese company TSMC, but due to the imposed sanctions, TSMC stopped their production. This forces MCST to look for alternative opportunities for the production of its processors. In the Elbrus processor line there are microcircuits that are manufactured using the 130 nm process, and the most advanced of their products is produced using the 16 nm process. At the Mikron plant, the production of microcircuits according to the 90 nm technological process can be arranged. The main owner of the Mikron plant is a joint venture between Rostec and AFK Sistema. The Mikron plant plans to increase the production of chips according to the 90-180 nm technological process to 6,000 pieces per month, for which it will require additional investments in the amount of 10 billion rubles.