The designer created a camera from straws for stirring coffee (4 photos + video)

It took Colorado-based designer Adrian Hanft over a year to create an original camera consisting of 23,248 coffee stirring tubes. The original camera weighs 18 kilograms.

Talking about how an array camera workshollow tubes, the designer notes that each straw can "see" different points of light. If you place light-sensitive paper behind the tubes, then an image of each individual straw will appear on it.

Considering that such a camera will be needed every timerecharging in a dark room, the inventor took the path of creating an opaque box around the back of the straws with a translucent surface on which the image from the straws would appear. Then use a second camera to photograph the projected image.

During the work, several prototypes were createdcameras. The final version of the futuristic camera received a matrix of 23,248 tubes. The straw chamber is 45.7 centimeters wide, 50.8 centimeters high and 20.32 centimeters deep. A Raspberry Pi micro computer with a 6 mm lens was used to control the camera. The control program is written in Python. For ease of control, the enthusiast opted for a Nintendo controller that connects to the Raspberry Pi via a USB adapter.

Source: medium

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