The date of the announcement and the details of the Android 10 Q OS (3 photos + 2 videos)

Google has set a date whenan annual conference for I / O developers. According to tradition, it debuts the next version of the Android OS. The experts were able to find out what options will get this update.

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The company encrypted the location and date of the I / Oin a special task. However, users do not have to suffer over its solution. The fact is that Sundar Pichai, who heads Google, revealed the data on his own Twitter page. Google I / O will be held May 7 - 9 at the Shoreline amphitheater in the California city of Mountain View. The new version of Android will be presented on the first day. She will receive the tenth number and the prefix in the form of the letter Q. Why it is this letter that is chosen is still unknown.

So, the future new Android OS will support3D-facial recognition technology with the use of three-dimensional model, like Apple. The person will help users not only unlock their gadget, but also confirm the payment or purchase. Many manufacturers have similar technologies, but they are local, in-house developments. Thanks to Google, the option will become more accessible and massive.

System colors, fonts andicons. There is an assumption that it will be possible to automatically change the interface to the "night" mode (Dark theme) depending on the time of day or a separate option will be added in the form of an icon to set the "dark" mode.

The authors of Android Q also worked hard ondata protection and security. Application access to the applications located on the memory card and the clipboard will now be restricted. To access any category of data, applications will need to request a separate permission. And they will receive it only for reading, but not for writing.

A separate message will appear when the application uses geolocation, microphone, or any other data. A useful option has also been developed for rolling back to past OS versions.

Long press the power button will allowopen a menu where, in addition to the usual functions, an icon will appear to activate an emergency call. It is also predicted to enter another option, which will turn off all the sensors of the mobile device at once (not to be confused with the “flight” mode). Desktop mode allows you to use the resources of the smartphone on the Android OS 10 Q as a computer when it is connected to an external monitor, akin to the way Samsung and Huawei flagships.