The data of 60 million customers of Sberbank were in the public domain

Protection of confidential data providedBank customers, is a direct responsibility of financial institutions. Nevertheless, sometimes significant leaks occur, leading to the publication of information about the owners of accounts and bank cards. Recently, a database of customers of Sberbank, one of the largest banks in Russia, has appeared on the Internet, which contains information about 60 million depositors of a financial institution. According to experts, such a leak could become the largest in the history of the Russian banking system.

The first information about a possible database lossprovided by DeviceLock, a cybersecurity company. On forums on the Internet, company specialists stumbled upon an advertisement for the sale of a bank card database. Attackers offered a “trial” version of the database, consisting of 200 lines, which contained data on customers from different cities served by the Ural Territorial Bank of Sberbank.

As a result of researching the data providedtheir authenticity has been proven. According to some publications, Sberbank has completely unloaded the database, and we are not talking about a local loss of information. The lost database contains data on 60 million bank cards, including those already closed (the number of active records is about 18 million).

Sberbank itself so far recognizes data loss onlyfor 200 customers. An investigation has been launched at the bank, and law enforcement agencies have been involved. The bank statement states that customers should not be afraid of losing funds from card accounts. Firstly, the database does not contain the CVV code, and secondly, for remote payments, you must enter the SMS password received on the customers phones.

Source: kommersant