The cunning pirate stream of the battle of bloggers in the reflections of points

Another, second boxing fight betweenYouTube bloggers KSI and Logan Paul went to the professional arena in Los Angeles and attracted the attention of many fans of YouTube. Considering that 19.9 million people are subscribed to the Paul’s YouTube channel, 20.5 million users to the KSI channel, the platform tried to get the maximum profit from the battle and broadcast it in a closed channel by prior paid subscription.

It should be noted that according to some sources, profitfor the battle from subscribers amounted to about 150 million pounds. It is noteworthy that the first battle of bloggers in August 2018 was broadcast for free.

However, the event could not be ignored.opponents of limitations and notorious copyrights. One of the freedom-loving users very witty mocked the organizers of a paid subscription. He himself paid in advance to watch the match, and with the start of the battle he began to conduct his own stream. In doing so, he wore large, completely mirrored sunglasses. The camera, as expected, was aimed at the leading stream, and events in the ring were reflected in its glasses.

The video quality turned out to be far from ideal,but it was possible to catch the general outline of the passage of the battle. More than 11 thousand users watched the pirate stream periodically asking the video blogger not to move his head.

As a result of a separate vote, the judges wingained KSI. The broadcast of the mirror stream that took place on YouTube was not blocked by the administration, who considered this report a reaction to the event.

Source: techspot

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